What can Mustard Seed IT do for you?

Managed Services

We will listen to you, understand your needs, research your options and make recommendations. We will then implement the solution and support your business by proactively managing your IT infrastructure and providing world class technical support.

Cloud Services

Need a simple website or a complex online store? Want to move EVERYTHING to the cloud? We will help you understand the power of cloud computing and take full advantage of it!

Cybersecurity Services

According to Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, 60 percent of small businesses that have a major cyber attack go broke within 12 months. We can secure and monitor your systems and network, greatly decreasing your chances of becoming a cybercrime victim.

Nonprofit Services

Many not for profit organisations are a Godsend! If you are one, we gladly offer our expertise and services to you at a discounted rate as our way of saying thank you for what you do!

Training Services

You can have the latest technology in place but it means nothing if you and your staff don't know how to use it to its full potential to positively impact your business. We can help you overcome this barrier by providing personalised training sessions.

Home Services

Want to protect your children online? Worried about online privacy? Internet issues? We can help with your technology needs and challenges at home and do so much more!

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